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Q : What days do the Theme Parks open?

A:Theme parks are open 365 days of the year with the exception of waterparks. These may close in certain weather conditions. Park hours are dependent on the season.


Q : Can I leave the a theme park in the morning and return the same day?

A: Yes you can. Your 7, 14 or 21 day Disney ticket allows you unlimited admission.


Q: Is there a charge to park at the theme parks?

A: Yes there is a local charge of approximately $15 per day to park at most theme parks.


Q: If I have not used all of my days on my Disney tickets, can I give them to someone else?

A: No. Once you or any person uses a ticket, all admissions are specific to that one person and cannot be transfers to another person.


Q: Where are the parades and fireworks?

A: You can get the latest daily entertainment schedule from the information centre at any of the Disney Parks or online.


Q: Is smoking allowed in the parks?

A: Each park has designated areas clearly marked where smoking is permitted. If you are unsure where you are able to smoke, please ask a park attendant.


Q: What is a Disney Fast pass and should I buy this?

A: Disney’s fast pass is included in any Disney Theme Park Ticket you purchase. The fast pass saves you time standing in those lengthy queues so you can enjoy more time on the rides! You can pre book your fast passes 30 days prior online by using your unique Disney code. Contact us for more information.


Q: How do I book a Character Breakfast at Disney?

A: To book your Disney Character Breakfast please call our reservations team on 0800 9882826.




Q: What is an ESTA?

A: ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is an automated system that determines whether a person is allowed to travel to the United States. The entire ESTA application takes place online and there are no physical forms to fill in or print. The response is instantaneous and once accepted the ESTA will last for 2 years from the date of purchase.

If you already have an ESTA from a previous trip that is still valid, you do not need to purchase a new ESTA, simply update the information on your current ESTA.

To obtain your ESTA simply log onto the Web site at and complete an on-line application form.

All passengers entering the States on the Visa Waiver Programme will be required to hold a machine readable passport with 2 blank pages. This also includes passengers who only intend to transit the USA en route to another country.

The ESTA is a chargeable service at approximately $14 per person. Full details of this are on the above ESTA link.

It is the responsibility of the passengers to ensure they have valid passports and any required visas.



Q:  Where do I pick my keys up from?

A: Each villa is different in regards to key collection. Some villa bookings will be provided with a lock box code so you can drive straight to the villa from the airport etc. Some villa bookings require you to pick your keys up from a local management company.

This information will be on your accommodation voucher and you will have directions to either the villa or directions to the management company welcome center.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 988 2826.


Q: Do I need to clean the home on my departure?

A: All villas are cleaned prior to your arrival and are then cleaned on your departure. We do not ask that you “deep clean” the villa but we do ask that you are respectful and leave the villa and treat it as you would your own home.


Q: Is there a damage fee to pay on arrival?

A: There is a security deposit required on arrival. This is normally in the form of a credit card imprint to protect against any damage to the home. The amount of security deposit will vary dependant on management company. For further information on this please call us on 0800 988 2826.


Q: Do I need pool heat at my villa?

A: We do recommend pool heat between the months of October – March. In the summer months pool heat is not required. Pool heat is an optional extra and the price is dependent on whether the pool is operated by gas or electric pool heat. For prices please call us on 0800 988 2826


Q: Who do I contact if I have any issues while I am in the States?

A: Provided on your Villa voucher will be the office and emergency contact numbers of our friendly, local management team. Please feel free to call them if you have issues with your villa. We always try and rectify any problems whilst you are in resort. If you have any problems, it is imperative that you contact either the management company or us directly. 


Q: Are beach / pool towels provided at the villa?

A: Beach and pool towels are not provided by the home owners, however previous guest may have left these behind for other guests to use. Please do not expect pool towels being at the villa. All bath towels and linen are provided.


Q:  Are there any items we have to pre-book in the villa?

A: Extra items that can be pre-booked include Cots, High-Chairs, BBQ’S, Pool heat, Welcome packs. The charge for each of these items will be listed on the website booking page. To guarantee availability on any of these items, please arrange these at the time of booking.



Q: There is a mistake on my documents, what should I do?

A: When receiving your documents we ask that you check everything carefully and if there are any errors please contact us straight away. Errors that are not notified immediately may not be able to be rectified at a later date. Please note that errors given to us on your behalf may result in an administration fee.


Q: When should I expect my travel documents?

A: Your final travel documents, whether these are your e-tickets, hotel / villa vouchers, car hire vouchers or attraction ticket vouchers are all sent approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date. If you have not received any vouchers within 10 days of departure please contact us.


Q:  What is an E-Ticket?

A: An E-tickets stands for Electronic Ticket and is used by the majority of Airlines rather than using the old fashioned ticket booklets. This also means if you lose your e-ticket we can get a replacement to you quickly! These are required for check in and must be kept with you for all elements of your journey.


Q: Can I make a name change on a booking if I or one of my party can no longer travel?

A: Name changes can be made depending on the airline and are subject to amendment fees. To find out more information please call us on 0800 988 2826.


Q: What is the age limit to drive in the USA?

A: You need to be 21 years of age to drive in the States. If you are under the age of 25 years old you will need a “Young Drivers Package” which includes insurance for younger drivers. Please call us on 0800 988 2826 for more information.


Q: Do I need a Credit Card to hire a car in the USA?

A: In most cases Yes, but if you do not have a credit card, please call us on 0800 988 2826 for alternative options.


Q: Is it true I can turn right when the traffic lights are red?

A: Yes, you can turn right when a red light is showing as long as the road is clear and there isn’t a sign that says you can’t, and you have come to a complete stop before turning.


Q: Is there a “slow” and “fast” lane on the freeway (motorway)

A: No, there is no “slow” or “fast” lane on the freeway.


Q: What about overtaking on the freeway?
A: Overtaking from either lane is fine, as long as the lanes are clear.


Q: Who has right of way at a “4 way stop”?

A: A “4 way stop” is a junction where no direction has priority. All drivers should come to a stop and whoever got there first has priority.




Q: What do I need to have to hire a car in Florida?

A: Since June 2015 the paper counterpart licence has no legal status, therefore you will need to request a unique code from GOV.UK this code will allow the car hire company to make the necessary checks on your licence. This code will last for 21 days. You will also need to show your photocard driving licence.



Q: What are the opening times of the Shopping Malls?

A: As a general rule, the shops are open from 09.00/10.00 to 20.00/21.00 Monday to Friday and most are open Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00.


Q: Is tipping expected?

A:  Tipping is mainly expected in the USA except when you receive bad service. As a guide, please see below:

*Airport & hotel porters $2 per bag.

*Bartenders 10-15% per round or $1 per drink.

*Hotel maids $2-4 per night.

*Restaurant waiters 15-20%, unless a service charge is already charged on the bill

*Taxi drivers 10-15%.

*Valet parking attendants At least $2 when you receive the keys back.


Q: Can I use my cards in the ATM machines?

A: ATMs are available 24/7 at most banks, and in shopping centres, airports and supermarkets. Most ATMs will charge a fee of $2.50 or more per transaction and your own bank may impose an additional charge. Withdrawing cash from an ATM using credit card usually incurs a large fee, it is best to check with your credit-card company/Bank first. Before you leave home, let your bank and credit-card company know that you are travelling abroad and that you will be using your card, otherwise, you may trigger fraud alerts, which may result in your accounts being temporarily frozen.


Q: What is the minimum age for buying alcohol?

A: The minimum age to buy alcohol is 21 years of age. You will need photographic ID (passport or driving licence) to prove your age when buying alcohol whether you look over 21 or not!


Q: How much is Sales Tax in Florida?

A: This varies from 6%-7%. Don’t forget, this is on top of the price you see as it is added on at the tills!


Q: Can I pay for things on my credit card?

A: Most major credit cards are accepted.



Q: Do I need Travel Insurance for travelling to the USA?

A: It is essential that you takeout adequate travel insurance, prior to travelling to the States. It is important to check that you are covered for any pre-existing medical conditions. Doctors, medical treatment and medication are expensive and the US does not have a reciprocal health agreement with the UK, so it is very important that you have the correct cover.


Q: What about inflight health?

A:  Please see below guide to a healthy flight:

Move about
Change position often as possible and try to avoid crossing your legs. Not moving and sitting in the same position poses the greatest risk in developing clotting disorders such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Walk around
Get up out of your seat and walk around the cabin regularly to improve your circulation.

Stretch out
Stretch your arms and legs as this also helps improve circulation.

Unless recommended by your doctor who is aware of your intention to fly, do not take sleeping tablets on the flight - this will reduce your mobility and make you feel sluggish.

Mind your ears
Avoid flying with a heavy cold, ear infections or sinusitis as cabin pressure changes during the flight may cause discomfort. If you experience discomfort during the flight, suck / chew a sweet or hold your nostrils and gently blow through your nose, this should ease the pressure in your ears.

Drink plenty!
Ask a member of cabin crew if you're thirsty and look out for the regular water and fruit juice services. Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee or carbonated drinks, as they will dehydrate you.

Pretend you're already there!

To minimise the effects of jet lag, set your watch to your destination time as soon as you board the aircraft and try to adjust your eating/sleeping pattern accordingly.

Q: I’m pregnant, can I still fly?

A: Some women prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because of the nausea and exhaustion they may experience in the early stages.

However, if you feel well and have discussed it with your GP, there’s no reason why you can’t travel during this time. 

Most airlines will not allow you to travel after week 36 of pregnancy, or week 32 if you’re pregnant with twins or multiples.


Before you travel

If you’re planning on flying, you should discuss this with your Doctor.

Before booking your flights, check with the airline and insurance company that they will allow you to travel while pregnant. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, most airlines will require a “fit to fly” letter from your Doctor.




Q: Can I book my flights, car hire & villa in advance?

A: We know how important your holiday is, so if you want to book a specific date we have access to certain flights & villas months and months in advance, so we can accept advance bookings. Generally we can book flights up to January 2017. Call us on 0800 988 2826 for more details.




Q: Can I pre book my seats on the aircraft?

A: Each airline is different so please call us on 0800 988 2826 and we can give you up to date information.


Q: What is my baggage allowance?

A: Again, each airline is different. As a rough guide the hold allowance on a charter flight is 20kgs and 23kgs on a schedule flight. Call us on 0800 988 2826 for up to date information.

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